Graduation Cap Ideas For Decoration to Inspire

Graduation Cap Ideas : Being excited about graduation day is a must because it’s a special day. For some people, it happens only twice in a lifetime, some other people can experience it as once in a lifetime moment. In that special moment of your life, you may wanna add some more excitement to it by using graduation cap ideas.

Well, you can turn your graduation cap into an original artwork. You could try to do a DIY project with your friends or family. Turning it into something more meaningful and interesting. Or, if you do not have time to do crafts’ day, you can always buy it from the store.

There will be a lot of options available in the store based on the colors and styles. If you want to have the design in your own personal style or character that is not available on the store, the only thing you could do is to find a way to decor the graduation cap by yourself.

The graduate’s great future lies ahead after graduation, so you may need to prepare for everything including the graduation cap ideas. Many people say that graduation is a time for celebration and reflection. It’s a special occasion you have to commemorate properly.

Graduation cap is the most important items you have to prepare for your graduation. If you like to make your occasion more fun and interesting, you might want to have some of the cool ideas of graduation cap you could easily make at home.

By reading this article, you can get some interesting ideas to create for your graduation day. You can make your own creation of graduation caps for artful fun and pure joy in your special occasion.

When the graduation day is approaching, it’s time for you to get some graduation cap ideas. There will be so many students wearing the matching gown in a graduation ceremony. If you don’t have something different on you, you will be lost in a sea of matching people.

Well, you can’t change the color of your gown, but the thing you can do is decorating your graduation cap. A lot of students think that it can be the opportunity to showcase your own style to the other students. Some students would like to apply their favorite quotes or jokes, but for me, it’s a chance to share them my plans and hopes to face the real world.

There are a lot of graduation cap ideas you can choose for your graduation day. You can choose to buy it online, there will be so many designs that will surely catch your attention. It’s available in so many styles and colors. You can have the design based on your personality or the major or your study.

Why Using Cap and Gown in Graduation?

A lot of people might not really wonder about the academic apparel that is required for the graduation ceremony. Similar to the wedding, graduation is a special formal occasion. It is also an important cultural tradition.

Some people might still question the reason to wear the graduation can and gown in the ceremony. Why use that kind of gown and cap? In order to answer that question, let’s get back to the past.

It was started in 12th and 13th centuries when universities started forming. Typically at that time of century, teachers and students wore clerical clothing. That kind of clothing is worn in a church at that time. Many teachers or professors were monks, clerics, and priests.

The school building at that time was unheated. That’s why they were wearing long robes and hoods to keep them warm. Since then, the design of the gown and cap for graduation were changing until this time.

Why Should We Decorate Our Graduation Cap?

For some people, decorating a graduation cap is so important. It is because they want to have a special graduation cap for themselves. Most likely, they’ll love to have something original and different.

A unique design of graduation could also be helpful for your family in the graduation ceremony. When you have a different and one-and-only design for your cap, your family will find you easily in a crowd of people.

In order the get some ideas of graduation cap decoration, you can search the ideas on some recommended website like Pinterest. They have a lot of interesting themes to follow. I’m pretty sure that you will get the ideas that match your style.

Decorating a graduation cap might not be the most important, but it’s really helpful. It’s something you can show to other students and teachers, you’ll show them how special this event for you.

How To Decorate A Graduation Cap?

I pick one cool DIY graduation cap idea as an example for you to follow,

Here are the materials you have to prepare:

  • Glitter paper
  • Sheet of burlap or Scrapbook paper
  • Black Foam glitter letter stickers
  • Black Sequin adhesive strips
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • Pencil
  • Ruler

The first thing you have to do is to trace the outline of the cap onto the burlap sheet and the glitter paper. Then, cut them both out and set the paper aside. Cut out the square slightly smaller than the cap perimeter.

After that, you can determine the button position on your cap using the burlap with a help of a pencil. Then, You can begin gluing the button. Next, get the glitter paper back out and start the tracing the chevron lines.

The next step is quite simple, you just have to line up the stripes and glue them to that burlap. These steps are not in detail if you want to follow the detail steps you can just visit the Miss Welden blog.

Unique Graduation Cap Ideas

Take a look at that unique graduation cap. There’s nothing quite like this. The theme is shooting the moon. If your graduation cap is in black color, you may wanna apply this design. Black is like the night sky, this graduation cap is like a night sky full of stars.

This is a special way to design your cap to be ready to shine in the ceremony. The moon shape is in the best appearance decorated with every semester of collage images together.

This graduation cap design will surely impress other students, especially your friends.

Graduation Cap Ideas For Girls

Designing a graduation cap for girls might consider the style, colors, and the femininity. You can choose this one for girl’s graduation cap:

The theme of this graduation cap is girl’s victory. As you can see, the main color is purple full of glitter. The gesture of victory is beaded above the glittering cap board in purple color. There are a blue threads to complete this girly cap for the tassel.

You can add the letter you want according to your situation or the word you want to express to everyone. You can also stick your name on the board. This glittery graduation cap for girls will surely catch everyone’s attention.

Funny Graduation Cap Ideas

Well, if you are looking for something funny for your graduation cap decoration, this one should be super fun for you. How about a Flying Spaghetti Monster? Does it sound fun enough to you?

Well, it looks funny and childish in a good way. This design is surely allowed in your graduation ceremony, if you are not sure about that, you can ask the committee about this. This strange shape monster is like a pirate fish with cue eyes.

Graduation Quotes

Students who are about to graduate love to add some quotes on their graduation cap to complete the decoration. If you are interested in having an interesting quote on your cap, you may wanna find some references from many recommended websites such as Popsugar.

The quotes tend to be something inspirational, something motivates them to do better after graduation. For example, something like “May you stay forever young”, “Dare To Be Different”, etc.

Graduation Cap Designs

There are some recommended designs you can have for your graduation cap. I combine the designs from many recommended websites in this list of graduation cap design ideas.

A Bow

The simple addition to your graduation cap to get the preppy look of your appearance. This idea is for you who want to add something simple without glitter and paint. Sometimes, the glittery and colorful design is just not the style of some students. So, this bow idea will be ideal for them.

Funny Quote

A quote like “May your hats fly as high as your dreams” is pretty catchy and funny. You can search for such clever quote by watching your favorite sitcom. In fact, I get that quote from the sitcom called “The Office.

Motivational Statement

Instead of funny jokes or quotes, you can always go with the motivational statement. Maybe it’s gonna be something that other people laugh about, at least they will smile when reading the statement. It could also be a statement that could inspire them to do better next time.

There are still a lot more ideas you can choose to have on your graduation cap. All of those three are the most common and simple ones to apply. Well, if you need some more inspiration, keep reading this article.

How To Wear Graduation Cap and Gown

There are so many historical reasons why you need to wear the cap and gown in your graduation ceremony. It will be a long article if I write the story about the graduation cap and gown. You can search it for other references.

Wearing a cap and gown for graduation is not that hard to do, you may not need a guide to wear the cap and gown. But, you may wanna know how to wear them the right way.

Here some tips to guide you to wear the graduation cap and gown the right way:

  • It’s a good idea for mean to wear a shirt with buttons. It’s for pinning or buttoning the hoods to the shirt
  • In order to secure the hood or hair grips, you need to carry some safety pins in your pocket.
  • Do not use the silky materials to be worn under the gown.
  • The graduation photo will be displayed for a long time, so you may need to avoid being too extreme in a fashion style.
  • The hairstyle should be simple in order to accommodate the caps.
  • The weather is quite crucial, you need to consider it in order to get your comfortable with the gown and cap.

Mortarboards Also Called Graduation Hat

It’s a square academic cap, also called graduate cap, Oxford cap, and some others. But, the official name of graduation cap is Mortarboards. Why it’s called as Mortarboard? Because apparently, it has similarity with mortarboard used to hold mortar in brick masons.

According to Wikipedia, Mortarboard is an item of academic dress which consists of a horizontal square board that is fixed upon a skull-cap. It’s attached with a tassel in the center.

Cute Graduation Cap Ideas

The first cute idea you can have on your graduation cap is this one. It’s inspired by hopes that you wish to come true in the next chapter of your life after graduation. This catchy quote that says “I Haven’t Been Everywhere But It’s On My List” is a great idea for travel addict.

If you wish to travel to some countries after the graduation, you can make your list and attach it to your graduation cap like this one. Playing with the colors of the country flags will make this graduation cap more impressive.

This key to making the cap cute is to use cute color too. Some cute fonts for the words have complete the cuteness for this graduation cap.

If you are confused about what to add to make your graduation cap cuter, you can consider having the design inspired by a kids movie. Many kid’s movie posters look cute. Using it as the main theme of your cap design is an easy way to add cuteness.

Graduation Tassel

Students tend to decorate their cap on the top part. The tassel tends to be left alone. It is because the tassel is something you can’t change. But still, some students find a way to add charm to their tassel. As you can see, this tassel has a chain of 2014 which indicates the year of graduation.

Preschool Graduation Cap Ideas

Graduation cap decoration is not just for the college students. The kids in preschool tend to have such ceremony too. Well, you might need some preschool graduation cap ideas for your kids to prepare for their graduation ceremony in preschool.

You can adapt the ideas from college cap design with a smaller version. Here are some cute ideas you can have for your kid’s graduation in preschool.

Graduation Outfit For Girls

You wanna look great in your graduation ceremony, right? Choosing perfect dresses for your body would change the whole look of your appearance. The dresses should be ready to be combined with the graduation gown.

There are some super cute dresses that are friendly to your Instagram. It’s also ready to give your OOTD in graduation a pop of fierce.

Graduation Cap Ideas

There are so many interesting ideas relating to the graduation cap. From a simple design with only word or letter to the one which is very complicated with a bunch of pictures. The most liked design is the simple ones.

You probably want the graduation cap to have a simple design which is pretty easy to apply. Well, if that’s so, here are some interesting ideas you can opt to be your DIY project:

Polaroid Picture

You can show off the memories that you made along the way to the graduation day by attaching your favorite moments to the cap. It’s like celebrating your special moments with some special journey. This design will surely make a statement.

Techy Icon

If you are using Macbook as your company to write the assignment, browse references, and enjoy entertainment, this graduation cap design is definitely for you. Everything you’ve been through with your laptop for the past years of studying, the moment should be attached to your cap. This apple cap looks lovely. It shows how much you love your laptop.

Graphic Design

This one is surely the most simple one. It’s inspired by a Pantone color swatch. It’s a quite creative idea even though it’s so simple, it’s clever. You can add your own detail to the cap. It’s a perfect graduation cap idea for you who studied graphic design.

Graduation Cap Ideas for Guys

Some guys like a simple design without too many ornaments. Some other guys could have a different perception. They like something nerdy like comics, fantasy, star wars, and some other nerdy stuff.

If you are nerd enough to apply such them, you might want to think harder which one is the best design of your graduation cap. For those who like it simple and fun, here are some ideas for you. But, you have to keep in mind, this is not for nerds.

The first on the list is the one with Nike’s slogan. The original popular slogan of Nike is “Just Do It.”, but this one is not using “Do” but “Did”. It was a fun change to create a simple word that says “Just Did It.” which is represent that you have just finished your study. It’s simple and clever.

Another funny word on the graduation cap ideas for guys. It says the price of the hat that is very expensive, that’s because of that amount of money you pay for the study in four years. The total amount of the study seems to be the price of the hat because you need to pay that lots of money just for having the hat.

Nursing Graduation Cap Ideas

If you study in the nursing academy, you may want to have your graduation cap design to relate to your study. Well, this is a pretty simple idea. It’s easy to make and beautiful the result. You may need to prepare the words “Nurse (Your Names) BSN”. It’s straight to the point.

You can add some cute items like that lovely mini stethoscope and some sparkling beads on the edge. It deserves to be on the top of the nurse head on the graduation ceremony. I believe people would be amazed at that beautiful design of graduation cap ideas.

How To Apply Graduation Cap Decoration

The first thing you need to do when decoring your graduation cap is to do the planning. You have to think about the message you want to deliver and the decorating scheme too. It will help you prevent your cap from looking like a mess.

After the planning, you now have your own version of decorating scheme and massage. It’s time to prepare the materials. It’s based on your designs, more complicated your design, more materials you spend.

Then, all of the materials are ready to be applied. Carefully apply the materials based on your planning. Make sure it’s attached neatly and clean. If you rely on the tutorial, you have to follow the steps carefully.

Dresses That Match The Gown

There are a bunch of choices available to wear under the graduation gown. It’s actually a simple dress you tend to wear at the party. The thing you have to consider when choosing the dress is the color. When you have matching dress color with the gown, it will look great.

My recommendation for girls in graduation is to wear dresses in a plain pastel color. Why the plain pastel color is light. It still can shine even though some part of it is covered by the gown. Make sure the color goes well with the color of your graduation gown.

Funny Graduation Quotes

If you want to express your sense of humor all over the place on the graduation day, you might want to have some of these ideas. I believe these ideas would make people laugh just by reading your graduation cap.

Why is this one funny? Because it’s ironic. A lot of students may seem doesn’t understand some of the things that they study in the university but they have passed it anyway. So, this one would surely be funny based on the reality.

It’s a “D” for “Diploma” not the other one. But, reading this quote would make you laugh just because it has two meanings.


The most crucial thing about decorating graduation cap is to make sure that you are allowed to do that. You don’t want to waste a lot of time in decorating the cap only to find out that you can’t wear it. Well, you need as the teacher or counselor of the school to assure you are not breaking any rules. This article about graduation cap ideas will be useful for you.

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