Looking at Funny Cat Pictures and Knowing Them Better

Funny Cat Pictures : Who doesn’t love a cat? I mean, who doesn’t like to see some funny cat pictures? Everybody loves cats especially cat lover. Having a cat at home might walking around and sleeping around seems so fun. Some people decide to really pet the cat at home some people don’t.

Some people love cat just by looking at it and rubbing it but not owning it at home. They might feel disturbed and not ready to handle the cat’s behavior. They will just enjoy looking at funny car pictures they find on the internet or some other place. We agree that funny cat pictures are so entertaining.

There are so many funny cat pictures on the internet. It’s because so many people search for it. In fact, it becomes the most popular keyword that people search on Google search engine for years. There’s a lot of reason why cats are so adorable.

Somehow, just by looking at funny cat pictures, you can feel good. Scientifically speaking, those pictures will boost your energy and mood. You will become happy again. Just try it, if you are a cat lover, you can enjoy some funny or cute cat pictures to entertain you. Then, you will be okay.

Some research has proven that watching cute cat videos or pictures is instinctive and seriously good for you. In fact, it’s good for our health. A new study has discovered that the cat’s purrs are not just lovely and adorable, but also therapeutic.

Cat Purrs have healing power. It creates purr vibrations which are therapeutic for many illnesses. It could lower your stress, decrease the symptoms of dyspnea, lower blood pressure, heal the bones, heal the swelling and infection, and lower the risk of heart attack. Yes, cats are best.

In terms of self identification, people often classify themselves as cat person and dog person. Those terms don’t relate to what pet they own, but more like what personality traits they’re closer to. However, regardless of which person you are, cat or dog, you can’t not show love when you look at funny cat pictures. Can you?

Well, you are about to read an article that will discuss cats, these funny creatures, and things you wonder related to them. Like their colors, whether it is true that they cause an allergic reaction or not, how to adopt them, and so forth

Scientifically speaking, watching cat videos or looking at cat pictures can boost your energy and ignite positive emotions. Based on scientific research, there are a lot of benefits for cat ownership. It will be found as you read the whole article.

Owning a Cat is Good for Environment

Comparing to a dog, a cat is better for your environment. It’s about the carbon footprint. The eco-footprint of the dog will look so obvious because a dog is quite heavy. Meanwhile, the cat eats less in general, something likely eats fish. So, there will be the approximate carbon footprint the size of a small hatchback.

Besides, cat ownership means fewer allergies. It’s good for your children who have allergies. Comparing to a dog, a cat was less likely to develop allergies to your children. This is not just opinion, it’s based on the research of National Institute of Health.

There’s a stereotype which says that dogs are more affectionate than cats, well that stereotype is just a stereotype. The fact is that cats can be great companions just like dogs. Women have a bigger chance to have a good companionship with a cat. It’s like having a romantic partner for them.

Cute Cat Pictures That Make Your Day

The cat will express the displeasure gracefully. The cat will give its instant opinion about stuff you give. When the stuff is not good enough for them, it will be giving your raging fury and intense annoyance. If it likes the stuff, it will show you that it enjoys it a lot.

Cat thinks that its body is cleaner than your body. You may have experienced when the cat does the self-grooming session right after you touch and play with it. It may spend an hour just licking every single square inch of its body just because it thinks you made it dirty.

Cats are cute, but their personality is so complicated. It’s difficult the understand cat. There are some things that could help you indicate the cat’s behavior. One of them is this one. If they bite you lightly, it means that they acknowledge your existence.

Funny Cat Pictures

Here are a bunch of funny cat pictures that would make you laugh in satisfaction:

Not Today …

This is so cute. That cat has a funny expression responding to its owner’s kiss. It looks like he doesn’t want to be kissed by that girl. Maybe, it’s because that girl stinks, or maybe, it’s because that cat is just not in the mood.


This cat looks like a woman named Margaret. As you can read in the caption. After you read the caption and see the appearance of the cat, you will agree that the caption was right. The cat and Margaret are similar. The owner should name the cat as Margaret.

Curious Cat

This cat looks so curious about seeing what’s in front of him. It looks like he’s standing on two feet just like a human. You can call him a human cat. Cuteness overload.

Funny Cat Pictures With Words

Words is a perfect addition in order to describe the cat pictures. Cat pictures still look cute and funny without words. But with words, you can make it even funnier and cute. Even though the old saying said that “A picture worth a thousand words”.

For the internet world right now, words or captions would add more fun and laugh to the picture. You will get more satisfaction to the picture with words than to the picture with no words. Even, you can add the word “Speechless” into the cat pictures, it’s always mean something.

Here are some of the best funny cat pictures with words that will make your day.

Domestic Cat vs Mixed Breed Cat

You often called it house cats because domestic cat tends to be kept as indoor pets. Or you can simply call it as cats when you don’t need to distinguish it from its felids and felines. There are some differences between a domestic cat and mixed breed cat, you may need to know to compare.

There’s an infinite variety of domestic cats which comes in all sizes, coat lengths, color patterns, and shapes. Domestic cats also come with many descriptive names like “moggies, “alley cats”, and “Housecat”.

If you still confused, you can easily identify a domestic cat by visiting the cat show nearby. The domestic cats are usually in a class called “Household Pets”. All of the cats in that class are domestic.

Choosing Cat Toys

It’s an important part of being a cat owner. It’s one of the things that shows how responsible you are for your cat. Cats like to play with toys, playing with toys is a regular part of their daily activities. You should provide a variety of toys for your cats.

In choosing toys for your cats, you have to be smart. You need to choose the toys that are not made of hazardous materials. You have to make sure the toys are safe. Beside hazardous materials, it should also be safe from detachable parts that cats can swallow.

You can store some of the toys in a storage to keep it away from your cat. Make sure they play with their toys only when you are around.

Interesting Cat Facts

Here are some interesting facts about cat that you might never know

  • 70% of their time of the day is spent for sleeping
  • Cats have the ability to taste sweetness
  • Somehow, cats can distinguish the flavors in water
  • Purring is great for cat’s inside health.
  • Most male cats are lefty and the female cats favor their right paw


Where and How to Buy A Cat

This is a very exciting part of this article. If you want to buy a cat, it requires some planning. First of all, you need to think about what kind of cat you want to have to be your companion. You also need to decide the location to buy it.

Well, the commonplace to get cats are pet stores, animal shelters, and breeders. You need to choose between those three. Each place has its own requirement to get the cats back home. Before that, you may need to prepare the supplies it needs. The veterinarian should also be a consideration.

The first place you need to go to get a cat is an animal shelter. Why? Because local animal shelter tends to have many excellent cats who need to get a good home. This place usually has large variety of cats you can choose from. In animal shelters, you will be charged a small adoption fee. It will be way cheaper than pet stores.

Well, if you don’t find the cats you want in the animal shelter, or there’s no animal shelter in your area, the pet store is the only place to go. The adoption fair in the pet store is regular, must be more pricey than shelter. The fees are including spaying and vaccinations.

Applying Cat Wallpaper

For cat lovers, applying cat wallpaper for the bedroom interior will be the best thing ever. There are so many cute designs of cat wallpaper you can choose to apply on the wall of your bedroom. You should consider the size, the style, and the color of your bedroom before you choose which cat wallpaper you want.

There are some concepts you can choose relating to the image of the cat. You can have the cartoon version of cat pictures all over your wall, or, you can have the image or real cats that looks so realistic.

This cartoon cat wallpaper looks so simple. The arrangement of the image looks so crowded. With the black-colored cat images on the white walls create a catchy charm to your bedroom. As you can see, the colorful accessories look supportive to color the atmosphere.

Take a look at this luxurious bedroom. That huge picture of a cat on the wall looks both creepy and amazing. It looks like there are two giant cats on the bed. If you are extreme cat lovers, this must be designed for you.

Funny Cat Pictures With Captions

In this section, I will provide you with some funny cat pictures with captions that are probably related to your life. I’m pretty sure that the caption will increase the level of the humor.

Take a look at this picture and imagine this funny cat pictures without the captions. It might still be funny, but not funnier than the one with the caption. The sentences in the picture are like something that cat says with that expression on its face.

How about this one? This pictures would still be adorable and weird without the caption. The caption in this picture makes it becomes a scene. The situation is like those two cats inside the room talk to each other about something outside that looks like a burglar.

Looks like the cat is fully charged. Well, without the caption, the picture might still be a little bit confusing even though you know that it looks like the cat is attached to a charger. In the second picture, the eyes are edited to be shining.

Siberian Cat

Many people would be wondering, is there really a Siberian breed of cat, just like a dog? In dog’s family, there’s a Siberian Husky. How about the cat? Well, just like the dog, it’s a cat breed from Russia. Originally, it’s a glamorous native cat from Siberia’s taiga. It’s a forested area with a subarctic climate

That is why Siberian Cat has long, thick, protective cat. It’s also mentioned a few times as a Russian national treasure. This cat is also included in Russian fairy tales and children’s book.

Cat Quotes

Instead of something funny, a picture of a cat can also be filled with motivational quotes. There are a bunch of motivational cat pictures that surely will inspire you in your life. It proves that cat pictures are so flexible in any kind of captions or words.

Silly Cats

Instead of cute cats, silly cats can also be something that makes you laugh. Of course, in the world of comedy, being silly is one of its formulae. It’s just the cats’ nature. Sometimes, cats are cute, sometimes they can also be silly. But still, they are adorable.

Baby Cat or Kitten

There’s nothing cuter than pictures of the baby cat. Any breed of cat is adorable when it’s still baby, it’s even more adorable. They are cute when they walk, they even look cuter when they’re doing nothing. Well, if you are not ready to handle the cuteness of kittens. You better be prepared.

Cat Colors and Breeds

There are various colors and breeds of cats. From one breed only can come a variety of colors. For you who find it difficult to tell what breed and what type of color apart, here is some guidance of them.

  • It means a cat has no stripe or other color pattern, only one color that covers from the very upfront until its tail. We call it solid black, white, grey, and even brown. We will never find a cat that is solid orange or cream. It always has vague markings on it.
  • Bi-color. Bi-color cat has one solid color plus white. Like black and white, grey and white, as well as brown and white. Interestingly, the two colors divided evenly.
  • Tuxedo cat is one of bi-color type that has the color division like that of a tuxedo: white bib and white mitts over the all black coat. That is where the name tuxedo comes from.
  • … and White. How do we put this correctly? This type of cat color has any solid color or pattern and white markings. It is different from bi-color type where white and the other color are distributed evenly and have somewhat half and half division. While white color in this ‘and white’ type is in the form of large patch.
  • White Mitts. This cat has white color only at their feet or paws.
  • White Bib. White color in this cat spreads only at its chest.
  • White Locket. This cat type has small patch of white color on the chest.
  • Harlequin cat is mostly white with some large color spots.
  • Van or Van Bi-Color. This cat type is similar to harlequin, only it has smaller color spot than the latter. They scatter between its two ears and also on the tail.
  • Dilute type has lighter or paler color pattern than that of the original. So while the original version has bright orange and black, for example, dilute cat has cream and grey.
  • Smoke cat has solid dark hair with white roots. So it has smokey appearance.

Kitty Cat

When we’re talking about cats, we cannot leave out their babies, the cutest creatures in the world. We call baby cats as kittens or kitty cats. Kittens are born blind. They cannot open their eyes until seven to ten days after being born.

That’s why they depend on their mother so much. And when they’re two weeks old, the urge to explore the world around their nest starts to emerge. Three to four weeks later, they grow adult teeth and start to eat solid food. All domestic kittens enjoy being close to human.

Funny Cat Pictures with Quotes

Some people think it’s too bad to let funny cat pictures on the internet as they are. With the latest technology, they can do anything easily, including attach some great quotes on those pictures. Below are some descriptions of the said quotes we found online.

  • Sit down, let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, I ate your hamster this morning.

This one will surely make you laugh. A cat is seen in the picture with the quote. It puts its forelegs on top of the table and stares directly at your eyes. Imagine your cat does this and tells you exactly what the quote says.

  • Today the dog. Tomorrow the world.”

This quote is attached to a picture of a cat sitting above a lying dog.

  • Why are you on the internet and looking at another cats?

Imagine while you’re working with your laptop, your cat sticks out its head from behind the laptop with its round big eyes looking at you and ask you the question.

Hypoallergenic Cats

It is true indeed that cats can cause an allergic reaction to human. It is because cats produce a protein called Fel d 1 which apparently to be an allergen and is found on cat skin. But don’t worry; people with allergy are still able to keep a cat as a pet. Lucky us, there are some breeds that produce less Fel d1 that leads them to be friendlier with allergic people. We call it hypoallergenic cats. The 10 breeds which are the most hypoallergenic are Balinese, Russian Blue, Bengal, Devon Rex, Oriental Shorthair, Cornish Rex, Siberian, LaPerm, Sphynx, and Javanese.

Cat Bed

We have our cozy spot at home to do our favorite things. And so do cats. While cozy spots for us range from couch to reading chair, spots for cats are always the ‘bed’; cat beds. Online pet shops compete to sell the best cat beds they could. Some of the cat beds have unique design and have double function while some others benefit you in their cheap price.

Cat beds with cover are good choice, too, to let your cat rests in privacy and give it the feeling of safe. In cold season, heated cat beds are perfect. They come with a heater that warms your cat gently. Or you could get a cat bed that is designed to be placed by the window. With it your cat can freely observe the world while lying in its favorite place.

How to Take Care of Orphan Baby Cat

Taking care of baby cats is different from of the adults. Moreover if the babies are orphan, in any case that often happens. So, how to take care of baby cat without its mother? First, visit experienced foster caregivers and ask them if they can look for a new mother cat which just delivered babies. If they cannot find one, then go to a veterinarian and consult about the right way to feed the baby cat. Do not decide anything on your own, moreover if you never have taken care of a kitten before.

Cat Adoption

You can save at least one life by adopting a cat. But, there are things you must follow to do it right. First, make sure that you as the new owner to be could provide safety and security within your environment of where your pet will stay. Responsible rescues or shelters are surely will refuse to give the pet if they judge you’re not capable enough to do that. And they have a very good sense in judging.

Then, be sure that you are patient enough to take care of new pet, moreover if your new pet has a bad experience with human in the past. And that you agree to provide a forever home to your pet. It is some kind of your commitment to be responsible for the adopted pet for its whole life. If you as the adopter cannot keep the pet any longer due to any reason, you should find a new happy and healthy home for the animal. And you have to make plans for the adopted cat in case you die before it.

Now, after you’re reading this article through, we hope that you’ll know and understand about cats closer and better that before. A better understanding leads to better care; better care leads to happier cats. And happier cats lead us to have a lot more of funny cat pictures. Have a good day!

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